Auto Diagnostics in Texarkana, AR

Car Diagnostic Testing You Can Count On

With all of the different systems and parts of your car, how can you figure out the source of any issue? Don’t worry, the seasoned auto mechanics and technicians at W & D Auto Service Center can figure it out for you. We offer car diagnostic testing in Texarkana, AR that can pinpoint the cause of any car problem.

We’ll give you a repair estimate once the diagnostic test is complete. If you let us complete the repairs on your car, the diagnostic test is free.

Contact us today to get to the root of your car’s issues.

Trusted Auto Diagnostic Services in Texarkana, AR

Trusted Auto Diagnostic Services in Texarkana, AR

Unless you’re a car expert, it can be difficult to explain the problems you’ve noticed with your car. Here are a few terms that can help:

  • Backfire: A loud gunshot-like sound that comes from the engine or tailpipe.
  • Scraping/Grinding when applying brakes: If the squealing has turned into scraping, that usually indicates bare metal rubbing against bare metal. The brake pads are shot! Every application of the brake pedal is damaging at least one of the rotors.
  • Hesitation: A short loss of power when your car accelerates.

Your explanation can point us in the right direction. The car diagnostic test can do the rest. Call us now at 870-773-8473 to schedule auto diagnostic testing at our auto service center in Texarkana, AR.